One Name Study of Gronow / Gronnow / Goronwy

One Name Study of Gronow / Gronnow / Goronwy

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recently aquired certificates:

Ann Gronow March Qtr.1840 Cardiff Vol.26 page 427.
Ann Gronow Sept. Qtr.1841 Bridgend & Cowbridge Vol.26 page 449.
Margaret Gronow Dec. Qtr.1842 Cardiff Vol.26 page 519.
Elizabeth Gronow June Qtr.1849 Cardiff Vol.26 page 670.
Elinor Gronow June Qtr.1850 Bridgend & Cowbridge Vol.26. page 665.
Jane Gronow June Qtr.1853 Cardiff Vol.11a page 343.
Ann Gronow Sept.Qtr. 1853 Cardiff Vol.11a page 292.
Ann Gronow Dec.Qtr. 1853 Bridgend Vol.11a page 699.
Elizabeth Gronow March Qtr.1856 Bridgend Vol.11a page 482.
Elias Goronwy Dec. Qtr. 1856 Merthyr Tydfil Vol.11a page 525.
Margaret Gronow June Qtr.1858 Cardiff Vol.11a page 345.
Mary Gronwy Dec. Qtr. 1859 Merthyr Tydfil Vol.11a page 487.
Mary Gronow June Qtr.1860 Bridgend Vol.11a page 583.
Mary Ann Gronnow Sept. Qtr. 1860 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 203.
David Goronwy Dec. Qtr. 1860 Merthyr Tydfil Vol.11a page 485.
Catherine Gronnow Dec. Qtr. 1867 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 458.
Edmund Gronow June Qtr. 1874 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 513.
Mary Gronow Dec. Qtr.1877 Bridgend Vol.11a page 699.
Daniel Goronwy Dec. Qtr. 1878 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 436.
Elizabeth Gronow March Qtr.1886 Cardiff Vol.11a page 334a.
Celia Goronwy June Qtr. 1888 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 543.
Annie Marri Gronow Sept.Qtr.1894 Merthyr Tydfil Vol.11a page 905.
Elizabeth Gronow Dec.Qtr. 1894 Bridgend Vol.11a page 1179.
James Ormond Gronow Sept. Qtr. Merthyr Tydfil 1897 Vol.11a page 891.
Mary Ann Gronow Sept. Qtr.1902 Pontardawe Vol.11a page 1332.
Henry Gronow Dec. Qtr.1903 Merthyr Tydfil Vol.11a page 1111.
Irving Henry Gronow Sept. Qtr.1905 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 786.
John Gronow March Qtr.1906 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 595.
Irving Henry Gronow Dec.Qtr. 1914 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 1062.
William Gronow March Qtr.1915 Bridgend Vol.11a page 1271.
Mary Gronow March Qtr.1916 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 829.
Percy Allan Gronow Sept.Qtr.1920 Cardiff Vol.11a page 1006.
Rhianedd Goronwy Sept. Qtr. 1921 Pontypridd Vol.11a page 1104.
Thomas James Gronow March Qtr.1924 Merthyr Tydfil Vol.11a page 981.

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