One Name Study of Gronow / Gronnow / Goronwy

One Name Study of Gronow / Gronnow / Goronwy

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On this day in 1891

Pontypridd (Before Mr J. Williams, Stipendiary, and Mr L.G. Lenox) Licensing Offence.
Gwilym Gronow, Landlord of the Queen's Hotel, Penycoedcae, was summoned for having his house open for the sale of beer, on Sunday the 29th March. Two men from Pontypridd were found on the premises, having been supplied with beer. The landlord in reply to questions of the police officer, stated that he did not know the men in question came from Pontypridd. This being his first offence, he was fined £1, and a similar fine was imposed on each of the two men found on the premises.

(Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales), Thursday, April 9, 1891; Issue 6829)

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